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Louisiana Iris Registrars from 1965 - 2006
Special thanks to the photographers who assisted with these listings:
Charles Arny, Harry Wolford, Justin Leonard and Sue Bridges
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Abbiefille Red
Abbeville Red

Abigail Lind
Goula, R.   1992   G-78-I1 32(81)   EM   Stands pale lavender; falls full lavender-violet, yellow-green signal; ruffled; slight spicy fragrance. Lavender Ruffles X Clara Goula

Ability Dunn, M.   1998   LA-93 30(76)   EM   Rosy red falls with overall cream veining. Seedling (Parentage unknown) X Margaret Lee

Acacia Rhuma Pryor, H.*   1994   46/90-1   28(71)   E   Stands soft lemon, chartreuse line signal; green style arms, lemon border and crests; falls slightly darker lemon veined green, chartreuse line signal; finely serrated. Jazz Ballet X Roseberry


Acacia Rhumba
Acadian Acadian (Conger, R56) 24" M. R3. S Light rose, splashed violet-rose; F. deeper rose red splsshed violet-rose. HM '60. Carogina x Rose of Abbeville.
Acadian Miss  Arny, C. 1980 RUF-W-1-77  30(75)   ML Ruffled white, yellow-green signal; green style arms. Clyde Redmond X Clara Goula
Acadian Rose MacMillan 1963   RO-19-62   35 ML Stands purplish-pink; falls purplish-red W.B.   MacMillan X unknown
Acadian White   Arny, C. 1976 W-10-74 30(75)   ML   Flat white self; large orange-yellow signal. Gulf Surf X Queen O’ Queens
Acadiana Sunset Goula, R.   1992 G-87-R3   30(75)   EM   Stands medium violet-red; falls medium dark red with trace of violet iridescence, large bright yellow signal; slight spicy fragrance. Ann Chowning X Mrs. Ira Nelson
Ada Morgan Louisiana iris.
Ada Morgan    Morgan, R. 1997    L275-A   30(75)   EM   Stands light pinkish violet; style arms green; falls slightly deeper pinkish violet. L29-A:  (Clyde Redmond x Sidney Conger)  X  Marie Caillet
Adell Tingle Adell Tingle  (Bobbie Ann Hutchins, R. 2006) Sdlg. S-04-008-285.  LA, 36-40: (91-102 cm), EM. S. light lavender, medium lavender veining, ruffled; style arms pale lavender, medium lavender stripes and tips; F. medium lavender, dark lavender veining, picotee ruffled lighter edge, gold steeple signal outlined with darker purple veins, white center veined lavender on underside.  Heather Pryor X self.
Adrian Rogers   Fabel-Ward, R.  1990   30(75)   EM   Very dark violet with golden veins, prominent crests to tip of falls.  Black Gamecock X FC 77/9: (Mockers Song x Ann Chowning)

Afloat   Taylor, J.C.*   1998   UL8-1   41(110)   M Stands and style arms blue violet; falls blue violet, darker in center, very prominent yellow signal; heavily fluted. C’est La Mote X First Favourite

Aggie Belle Strawn, K. 1993   EE-1985   48 (122) M Stands grayed purple; grayed red style arms with yellow cast; falls grayed purple, yellow orange signal. Kirk Strawn X Count Pulaski

Ah-Ha Wyatt, C. 1978 N/R   40(102)  M   Deep yellow self with rose veining. Delta Butterfly X G.W. Holleyman

  Albert Park
Alicia Clare Alicia Clare (Bernard Pryor, LA, R. 1996).  Iris Haven 2001.
  Akimbo   Wyatt, C. 1978 N/R 30(75)   L Ruffled and fluted rose, bordered deep yellow unknown x unknown
Alabaster Moon Goula, R.  1979   W177-808  30(75)  EM     Tailored white self; gold signal. Clara Goula X Mrs. Ira Nelson
Alibi   MacMillan, W.  1975 WS-21-74 30(75)   EM   Ruffled pale blue-white, fading to pure white self with light violet glow; full yellow line crest with green-white patch. unknown X unknown
Alicia Clare Pryor, B.*   1996   35/92-H 30(76)   M Stands and falls soft lemon, golden veining intensifying to lime green near style arms, lime green signal; style arms soft butter yellow; heavily ruffled. Volcanic Wildfire X Spanish Ballet
All Agaze Taylor, J.C.*   1989   N79-1   48(122)   EM   Stands light pink, darker center rib; salmon style arms edged yellow; falls salmon pink, large orange yellow signal. Mighty Rich X Clara Goula
All Fired Up All Fired Up (Heather Pryor, R. 2006).  Sdlg. 26/00-A. LA, 40" (102 cm), ML.S. and F. medium golden-orange, burnt red plicata edge, lemon rim; style arms burnt red, golden midribs and edges; signals lime steeple outlined in red with orange tips on all petals, giving star effect.  Few Are Chosen X Totally Peach.
Alluvia Gold
Alluvial Gold Taylor, J.C.*   1991   139-1 43(110)     ML   Lightly ruffled yellow, deeper midribs. Dazzling Star X Watch Out
Almeria M Stands beige with wide rose veining; rose style arms; falls dusky rose, yellow signal, rose crest.
Almeria   Wolford, L.   1986   LRB-86-4   34(86)   M Stands beige with wide rose veining; rose style arms; falls dusky rose, yellow signal, rose crest. Peggy Mae X Belle Lou
Alouette Dunn, M.   1990   L112-2   32(81)   ML   Stands alabaster pink with ivory buff cast; green style arms; falls ruffled and serrated alabaster pink buff, large yellow signal. Handmaiden X Monument

Alston Arny, C. 1980   W-1-77 42(107)   M Ruffled white, yellow signal; greenish style arms Clara Goula X  Charlie’s Ginny

Amanda’s Echo   Betts, T.J.* 1985   04BB 30(75)   M Stands very pale violet infused yellow, paling to white; large yellow style arms, falls very pale yellow infused violet, paling to white, greenish yellow signal; lightly ruffled. 829A:  (Myra Arny x Emma Hansen)  X  Uptight

Amber Dawn Chowning, F.  1988   CHOW 81 10    32(81)   M Stands majolica yellow, brown rib line; style arms edged green, brown rib; falls amber, large yellow lancehead signal; slight sweet fragrance. unknown X unknown
Amber Goddess   Arny 1963   25BF-63   36   ML   Stands amber, falls, lighter, steeple-shaped yellow signal. Joyce’s Choice X W.B. MacMillan
Amber River
Amber River   Sloan, R.   1984   83A1 34(86)   M Light yellow overlaid brown tan, deepening toward all edges; tan style arms suffused yellow green. President Hedley X Clara Goula
Amelia   Goula, R.   1984   N/R   32(81)   ML   Ruffled light pink, small light yellow signal. Clara Goula X Mrs. Ira Nelson
Andouille O’Conner 1999   94-22 32(81)   ML   Cherry red rimmed white, falls with yellow spear signal; style arms cherry red, white tips 82-12:  (Deneb x Mae’s Blue Heaven)  X  R.Morgan L-113-B
Andy Dandy Arny, C. 1977 N/R   36(91)   M Orange-red self; yellow-orange signals. Charlie’s Michele X King Calcasieu   Charjoy Gardens 1977
Angel Mist   Morgan, R. 1988   L65-B   16-20 (41-51)  M White, yellow green signal. Everett Caradine X Clyde Redmond
Angel Skin   Neugebauer   1968   LA-64-11   30   M Stands seashell pink; falls pink to white, green and yellow crest. Mistis X Baby Ruth
Angelic Charm Morgan, R. 1997   L116A 24-28(61-71) M Stands very pale orchid to white; style arms green and cream; falls very pale orchid to white, green yellow signal Winter’s Veil X Vested Ways
Anne Caradine Arny 1969   30-36 M  Aureolin yellow self, slightly ruffled. Yellow seeding “Y” X G. W. Holleyman
Ann Chowning   Chowning, F.   1976   FC 13   36(91)   E  Current red self; brilliant gold signal. Miss Arkansas X W.B. MacMillan
Ann Faith
Ann Faith   Faith, M.D.   1998   69646   30(76)   M White, yellow signal with lime green lines; flat, slightly cupped form. Bit of Blue  X  Bit of Blue
Ann Hordern
Ann Hordern Pryor, H.* 1997 57/90-9   40(102)   ML   Pale lemon, pink blush to petal rim, darker pink veining, falls with bright yellow raised steeple signal; style arms lemon; entire flower changing to pink after second day, scalloped, ruffled. Desert Jewel X Noble Planet
Ann’s Child   Hager, B. 1987   L101BrtRd 30(75)   M Bright deep red, deep yellow triangular signal. Ann Chowning X Shrimp Louis
Ann;s Legacy Ann's Legacy
Antique Doll Taylor, J.C.*   1996   UL-14-2   39(100)   ML   Stands cadmium orange; style arms orange buff; falls apricot, yellow signals bordered orange. Dancing Vogue X Watch Out
Apollo's Song
Apollo’s Song   Taylor, J.C.*   1989   L96-6   56(142)   ML Yellow. Screen Gem X Helen Naish
Arabian Bayou Faggard, A.   1984   FLP-3-80   34(86)   E   Stands light cream peach; green style arms; falls full cream peach, narrow gold crest. unknown X unknown
Arachnephobia   Vaughn, K. 1997   F-60-1 36-38(91-97) EM   Bright cherry red, veined slightly darker; falls with tiny signal obscured by style arms; all floral parts narrow, separated, spidery. Black Widow X Cajun Cookery

Arafura Sea Loveridge, G.*  1974 L11   28(71)   M Red self; yellow signal. Chowning ‘Gold Top’ seedling X Chowning seedling

Araluen   Murray, M.   1986   T.G.L.-83-42 38(96)   EM   Aster violet, triangular golden yellow signal; self style arms. Ila Nunn X Mrs. Ira Nelson

  Aristocrat 1972 (p) Ineligible name.

Arizona Big Red Shepard, D.L.   1996   9506-85P   38(97)   ML   Stands soft ruby red; style arms soft ruby red, lined gold on back; falls dark ruby red, spear shaped golden yellow signal. Charlie’s Ginny X Bajazzo

Arizona Opal Corliss   1964   57L10   27   EM  Between carnation green and sung green; variable gray tones. Lunar Magic X unknown

Arizona Sunrise   Corliss    1964   611-2 30   EE   Rose opal self; buff reverse, small yellow signal. Porcelain Pink X Kraemer yellow seedling

Arletto Cato Harris, A. 1986     None Reported 27(70)   M Caramel with diffused yellow strip in center of falls. unknown X unknown
Arrows Arrows Dunn, M.   1998   240-10 34(86)   ML Lavender, green line signal; style arms green. Lina X Makebelieve World
Art World
Art World   Taylor, J.C.*   1986   L101-2   31(80)   ML   Stands purple pink; falls purple pink, yellow green signal. Uptown X Helen Naish
Ashley Michelle   Mertzweiller, J. 1986   70-58 32-35(81-89) M Lightly ruffled pure white (yellowish cast on opening), greenish line signal. Katherine L. Cornay X Queen O’ Queens
Aspect   Taylor, J.C.*   1997   UL-22-8   34(89)   ML   Fluted and ruffled light yellow, green center; yellow line-effect signal. Gladiator’s Gift X Dural Dreamtime
Atchafalaya Campbell, F.   1998   94-275-A   34-36(86-91) EM Velvety very dark red violet, slight silver halo; yellow signal and green crest on all petals; style arms red violet; lightly ruffled cartwheel form. John’s Lucifer X Jeri
Attache Attache (Mary Dunn, deceased, by Joseph Ghio, R. 2002).  Sdlg. L254-2.  LA, 30" (76 cm), ML.  Deep rosy grape; style arms light mauve grape.  Good Vibes X self.  Bay View 2002.
Audition Taylor, J.C.*   1998   SL50-1   47(120)   M Stands red purple; style arms red purple, yellow base; falls deeper red purple, edged buff, signal yellow. Gladiator’s Gift X Margaret Lee sib.

  Audrey O’Neil Raabe, R.* 1976   M-17-74   43(110)   ML   Stands light brick red veined oxblood red; falls deep oxblood red. 66-137A  X Crescent

Audrey’s Dream  Hungerford, A.* 1984   N/R     44 (112)  M  Stands pale violet; falls pale violet, cream thumbprint, orange line signal tipped purple. unknown X unknown

Audubon Lavender 1972 (p)
Aunt Shirley Mertzweiller, J. 1990   78-50 34-35(86-91) M   Coral pink, medium yellow signal, musky fragrance. Deneb X Press Release
Auntie Arny 1969   54   M Sea lavender violet self; fluted sepals, bright yellow crests. Mrs. Mae X Tressie Cook
Avalon Angel Murray, M.   1984   12/77/11   38(96)   E   Stands creamy yellow, yellow center line, cream style arms; falls creamy yellow, bright gold signal with dark greenish lines. Ila Nunn X Mrs. Ira Nelson

Avelline Avelline   Taylor, J.C.*   1997   UL-15-4   39(100)   ML   Stands marbled purple, darker center line; style arms purple and grayed red; falls purple, edge fading to lighter purple, signal yellow. Dancing Vogue X Dural Dreamtime
Aviator Charles Nelson     MacMillan   1965   Pi Lav  11-62 33   EM     Stands lighter tint than falls; falls moderate purple-pink Mistis X Plain-folks
Avoca Mist
Avoca Mist Pryor, H.*   1999   38/90-1   48(122)   E   Stands white, mauve line signal; style arms white; falls lavender pink, white rim, darker mauve veining, orange line signal; ruffled. Dural White Butterfly X Jet Ace

  Avon Harkrider 1972 (p)