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Louisiana irises are easy to grow. They prefer sun and a boggy location, but they can be grown in elevated beds. For information on how to grow in your climate zone, click onto the articles in the "How to Grow Louisiana irises" section. The articles were included in the book edited by the Society of Louisiana Iris. Books are available from the Society or from Timberline Press. You should receive with your order general instructions on how to grow. These general instructions are reproduced in "Growing Tips For Louisiana Irises" in the options below.

Where They Can Be Grown

Louisiana irises can be grown near a pond or close to the house. We have provided pictures showing blooming Louisiana irises from different gardeners in our area.

Charles Arny,  one of the foremost Louisiana Iris hybridizers and growers grew his irises in raised beds.   After his death, his wife, Joyce, continued to maintain several of his growing areas, as shown below:

Charles Arny's Louisiana Irises.    Charles Arny's Louisiana Irises 

Dorman Hamon has hybridized Louisiana Irises for over thirty years and his legacies continue to bloom all over the country.  His culture is to grow the irises at ground level and he does not plant them by a pond.  His success can be seen as shown in the below picture:

Dorman Hamon's Louisiana Irises.