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Pond, Patio & Water Gardening

Louisiana irises grow best in and around the edges of a pond or boggy area. The constant moisture provides around the clock growth stimulus for the foliage and bloom stalk, and the wet soil reminds the growing iris of its natural beginnings.

Louisiana Irises at the edge of a pond in Vermilionville.Plant the rhizome about one inch under the surface in a place where it will get at least a half day of full sun. Plant the rhizomes about 12 to 15 inches apart, and within three years the vacant space will be full.

In selecting the Louisiana iris as a garden plant, several options exist as to choice of color, time of bloom and height of foliage. Some hobbyist desire a block of one solid color, while others love a mixture of the rainbow colors.

Regardless, it is best to plant the taller varieties in the background, and to mix the later blooming varieties with earlier blooming ones.

Planting Louisiana irises in pots is not recommended, unless you put the pot in water. The pot can be entirely submerged under several inches of water or it may be exposed with its base in the water. The width of the pot should be at least eighteen inches in diameter, for the rhizome needs room to multiply and expand with its offshoots.

Louisiana Irises on the edge of a pond in the morning mist.The soil mixture in the pot is important. Put heavier soil, like clay, in the bottom six inches of the pot. The clay will help support the root system. Over the clay place pine needles or mulch, and then fill the remainder of the pot with top-soil. Plant the rhizome about one and one-half inch beneath the top-soil. Pack firmly.

Irises in a Louisiana a Brick Patio.